Student Leadership Team

Developing student leaders is one of the central focuses of the A.C. Davis Band Curriculum.  We look to develop all students to serve as positive role models at school and in the community.  We work with the entire band on the character traits of respect, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, commitment, and hard work.  In addition to the traits that we develop through musical instruction, we also offer multiple opportunities to increase their level of service to their fellow band members.

Below are the different facets of our leadership team.  While each group carries slightly different abilities, they are all equally valued and work together as a unified team to help the band program at Davis High School.

2023-24 Leadership Team

Drum Majors
Juan Aguilar
Josiah Helms
Bella Garcia
Axel Galindo

Section Leaders
Layla Hall – Woodwind Captain/Flutes
Edith Reyes – Asst. Section Leader
Aundrea Jahr – Asst. Section Leader
Juan Pineda – Clarinets
Adriana Martinez – Alto Saxophones
Susana Castaneda – Alto Saxophones
Oscar Gutierrez – Low Saxophones
Sayd Flores Reyes – Asst. Low Saxophones

Mauricio Rodriguez – Brass Captain/Trumpets
Arturo Mendoza – Asst. Trumpets
Victor Som – Mellophones
Zahid Romero Ramirez – Low Brass
Robert Briceno – Low Brass
Juan Ferreira – Tubas

Alexis Gutierrez – Percussion Captain
Moises Reyes – Asst. Drumline Section Leader
Jaylie Alonso – Front Ensemble Section Leader

Diego Reyes – Guard Captain